February 13, 2009

Guy Ritchie - Grossed Out By Madonna & Jesus

Madonna & Jesus get it on

Well can you blame him?

It seems that Madonna’s salacious photo shoot in the March issue of W magazine with alleged new toy boy, Jesus Luz, has totally repulsed her ex husband, Guy Ritchie.

He apparently told Madonna that the images were embarrassing and were grossing out their children. A sentiment equally echoed by the rest of us who had the distinct displeasure of eyeballing the photos.

The images shot by Stephen Meisel in Rio de Janeiro, though beautifully photographed, show the 50 year old singer in provocative poses with 20 year old Jesus Luz which leave nothing to the imagination and reveal a desperate need to show the world that her granny bones are still appealing to a young, hot guy.

It would be interesting to see what Lourdes who at 12 years old is closer in age to Jesus Luz, thinks about the photos, let alone Rocco, 8 and David Banda, 3.

But then apparently Madonna doesn’t let her children read any newspapers, listen to the radio or watch television so they are under the impression she is as apple pie mummy as Carol Brady. And I’m sure that nobody has ever slipped them an incriminating photo of their mother, so naturally they are in the dark about her slutty ways, right? The media block out is probably lifted when they are thirty years old.

Madonna was pissed off when Guy Ritchie had the sense to criticise her. Not because she is on the whole, always pissed off about something and not because she is concerned if the kids actually see a picture of her bony ass, but because she hates anyone, especially her ex husband commenting on what she does “artistically” with her career.

Nobody questions her Madgesty’s artistic integrity, nobody.

You got that Guy.


  1. gorgeous pictures. not quite sure why she's dating jesus, but thank goodness she's away from that insecure mess of a man guy ritchie. best wishes to her and her family.

  2. Why don't all of you start talking sh** about all the old and fat men that marry 20-year-old girls. Why are men's behaviour OK but women have to be "sluts" when they find a younger guy.. Im not saying its right or wrong but if you are going to bitch about Madonna because of this, you should start doing it on 90 % of all the rich old farts out there....

  3. Madonna can never do right in the eyes of the public. She settled down with Guy Ritchie and started writing children's books and being a mom, and that wasn't good enough. So, now she's back to her old self, just like everyone wanted her to be. She's MADONNA, she looks DAMN good for her age and she isn't going to be with some old guy.. people need to just get over it.


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